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የእናቶችና ህጻናት ዘርፈ-ብዙ የልማት ድርጅት


Mothers   Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)

Subcity: Gulele
Woreda: 7 Kebena Roud
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone: (+251) 118-69-74-61
Fax: (+251) 118-69-74-61

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Child's Name: Tsion Ebisa

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Grade: 9

Category: Single orphan

Family situation: Tsion lives with her father, aunt, brother and sister in a temporary shelter. Her father works as a daily laborer. His income is low and irregular, it hardly covers the household expenses let alone the children’s needs. Tsion really needs your support to stay in school.

Child's Name: Tarikwa Reta

Sex: Female

Age: 13

Grade: 7

Category: Single orphan

Family situation: Family situation- Tarikwa lives with her mother and two older brothers. Tarikwa’s mother suffersfrom a heart condition. Unfortunately, the income that she earnedfrom the selling of « petty trade » is quite low. In general the family income can be described as irregular, which has serious effects not only on Tarikwa’s mother health status, but also on the child’s school attendance.

Child's Name: Hikma Bedru

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Grade: 8

Category: Both parents alive

Family situation: Hikma is lives with her parents and two brothers in a rented house. Her father is a person with disability (His left hand fingers are not there and the upper part of his arm is also deformed). Her mother is the one who supports the family from the income she gets from her small business even though the income is from hand to mouth. Your help can keep Hikma in school and also ease the financial burden of her parent’s with regards to her education.


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