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የእናቶችና ህጻናት ዘርፈ-ብዙ የልማት ድርጅት


Mothers   Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)

Subcity: Gulele
Woreda: 7 Kebena Roud
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone: (+251) 118-69-74-61
Fax: (+251) 118-69-74-61

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Child's Name: Hanan Kedir

Sex: Female

Age: 7

Grade: 1

Category: Both parents alive (Destitute)

Family situation: Hanan’s parents are daily laborers and live in a rental house. Hanan has health problems and she is not well nourished. She lives in a big and so the family’slow income is not enough to cover different expenses. Your support means that Hanan’s school expenses will be covered and she can keep going to school.

Child's Name: Tizita Wendimu

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Grade: 9

Category: Both parents are alive (Destitute)

Family situation: Tizita lives with her parents and two sisters. Although her parents are working hard to provide for the family, they’re having a hard time covering differentexpenses. Your support will ensure that Tizita attends her education without difficulty.

Child's Name: Bereket Mamush

Sex: Male

Age: 12

Grade: 7

Category: Single Orphan

Family situation:Bereket lives with his mother who is HIV positive. She earns an income as a daily laborer. Her income is irregular and so has jeopardized her health and also her child’s school attendance. Your support will mean that Bereket stays in school with no financial problems.


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