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የእናቶችና ህጻናት ዘርፈ-ብዙ የልማት ድርጅት


Mothers   Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)

Subcity: Gulele
Woreda: 7 Kebena Roud
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone: (+251) 118-69-74-61
Fax: (+251) 118-69-74-61

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The slogan "Water is Life" describes the fact that water is basic to survival. It goes without saying that mankind needs access to safe and clean drinking water. In the rural areas of Ethiopia most people do not get safe and clean water. People fetch water from very distant places, taking them several hours. Even then, the water is not dependable, for it is collected from unsafe and highly contaminated traditional sources. 

Traditionally, women and children are expected to fetch water. The burden of carrying water from very far distances is only one problem faced by women and children. Another problem is sexual harassment and rape, which is also caused by walking long distances in remote areas where no one could rescue them, if they were attacked. School going girls are also hampered in their studies because they have to work, travel long distances to fetch water, and suffer the risk of sexual abuse.

Recognizing the urgent need of the people for safe and clean drinking water, MCMDO is involved in rural water supply development activities in such areas as Bulen woreda of Benshangul Gumuz, BOKE town of Fedis Wereda, and East Hararghe zone of Oromiya Regional state. These regions are selected because of their poor infrastructure compared to most other Ethiopian regions in development focused services.

We work to improve access to safe and clean water for the community through water installation for households, improved access to hygienic services, and through construction of communal latrines with hand washing and shower rooms.

We enhance the community's awareness on hygiene and sanitation management and support existing government health centers with medical equipment. 


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