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የእናቶችና ህጻናት ዘርፈ-ብዙ የልማት ድርጅት


Mothers   Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)

Subcity: Gulele
Woreda: 7 Kebena Roud
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone: (+251) 118-69-74-61
Fax: (+251) 118-69-74-61

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MCMDO has implemented different projects in the area of Education with the objective of giving girls and young women the knowledge and skills to create a sustainable livelihood and to shape their lives.

We work with children who would not normally have the opportunity to attend school, and find sponsors who support them through their education.

Work on increasing access to quality primary education through creating an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning in primary schools.

Work on sensitizing girls to different stakeholders such as District Education Officers (DEOs), Parent Teacher Associations(PTAs), Supervisors,representative teachers, club members.

Work on strengthening mini media clubs for girls through the provision of materials and support of their monthly meetings, as well as the provision of sanitary materials for girls clubs, distribution of different kinds of books to establish girl-friendly mini libraries, and peer education to girls.

Work on awareness raising of students in schools about the prevention and treatment of malaria so that the students will share their knowledge to their parents and the community as a whole.

We rebuilt elementary schools, maintain its toilets and provide laboratory equipment and books to improve the teaching and learning environment.

We construct libraries and youth centers in the emerging regions.


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