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Mothers   Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)

Subcity: Gulele
Woreda: 7 Kebena Roud
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone: (+251) 118-69-74-61
Fax: (+251) 118-69-74-61

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Mothers and Children Multisectoral Development Organization

In 1997 G.C a group of individuals from diverse social, economic and religious backgrounds gathered and discussed about the socioeconomic problems of street mothers and children of Ethiopia as well as the responsibility of every citizen in the country to pave the way for poverty alleviation. These dedicated individuals, thus, gave birth to MCMDO (formerly called Welfare for the Street Mothers and Children Organization, WeSMCO). MCMDO is an indigenous, non-governmental, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization. The organization was called WeSMCO until recently but due to the broadened thematic areas of the organization, it was renamed as Mothers and Children Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO) in the year 2009 and registered as Ethiopian resident charity. The organization is also registered in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Alleviating the problems of street children and mothers, making every effort to provide them with basic social and economic infrastructures including access to basic health services and educational facilities was the mission of the organization during its establishment. The organization gave specific emphasis to mothers and children who are in need of help. MCMDO believes that, if mothers and their children are economically fit and healthy, there will not be a problem called streetism. The motto, which first inspired MCMDO, was "one birr from one million people per month is one million birr per month". If the community put their hands together, MCMDO believes that poverty, can be halted.

When the organization started its work, its main focus was on streetism prevention and rehabilitation. it has however currently  widened its focus to seven pillar areas: health, education, skill training, family and community based child care and support, water and sanitation, agricultural and environmental development and women economic empowerment. MCMDO has successfully run these programs in different areas of Amhara National Regional States, Benishangul Gumuz National Regional States, Oromia National Regional States and Addis Ababa City Administration. We have gone to these areas of Ethiopia to build facilities that promote sanitary life, and increase access to health and education services. And currently the organization is executing different projects in the aforementioned parts of the country.



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