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    MCMDO Tel: +251-1-118697469/251-1-111555642 Mob: +2511930-01-26-80/81/82/83/84/85 Fax: +25111577020 P.O. Box 14643 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Email: mcmdo2004@gmail.com Website: www.mcmdo.org Churchill Avenue, behind Lyceé Gebre Mariam School

  • Women Economic Empowerment

    Destitute and illiterate women are given access to education enabling them to meet their needs.

  • Community and family support

    Reuniting street children with their families is one of the major activities of MCMDO.

  • Skill training

    Specific emphasis is given to mothers and children who are in need of help - if a mother and her children are economically fit and healthy, there will not be ‘street-ism’ problem.

  • Humanitarian response

    South Sudanese refugees are assisted to be less dependent on relief by creating economic opportunities.

  • Water and sanitation

    Providing access to clean water and adequate sanitary facilities

  • Education

    Scaling-up educational opportunities of the disadvantaged through construction of kindergartens, upgrading elementary schools, establishing youth centres and sponsoring educational supplies.

  • Health

    Realizing maternal and child health rights in difficult environments (REACH)

  • Urban agriculture and environmental protection

    Improving the income of single parent women by engaging them in urban agriculture activities and improve the nutritional status of target women and their families.